The Most Influential People in the ig 廣告 Industry

one. Backup your web site about the server.

When you've got more than one crucial Website, set them on unique Website hosts. Don’t depend upon your Net host for backups.

Discover two distinct hosts which allow SSH access. Get an account with Just about every. FTP the backup of one internet site to another server directly, and vice versa. Down load copies to your home Personal computer too.

2. Place a file identified as ‘index.html’ in every single important or important directory in your site, if it doesn’t have already got 廣告 one.

This stops individuals seeking to peek at other data files in the same directory.

3. Don't use outdated versions of FormMail. Never use scripts which can be freshly released, unless you know how to look for safety holes.

They ought to filter input like # or >. Look for on the phrases ‘Script Name bug’ or ‘Script Title security’.

four. Rename any e-mail scripts you download right before setting up them.

Why give a spammer a clue as to what your script is, and what it can do?

5. Do not give information or directories noticeable names, like ‘pass’, ’emails’, ‘orders’ and the like.

Yet again, why make it easy for snoopers?


six. Never leave unencrypted, confidential info on your server.

It’s only a computer within a place God is aware exactly where, with God appreciates who having access to it.

seven. Use a preferred Internet host.

That cheapo just one may very well be an un-fully commited reseller. Their Google PageRank gives a clue regarding how well-liked They can be. Deliver them an e-mail or two. See just how long it takes to acquire a reply. Look into their discussion boards; how occupied are they? They don’t have a forum? Upcoming!

eight. For anyone who is organising .htaccess data files or every other variety of password defense, use extended and varied passwords.

“Ch33s3And0n10n” is a good deal safer than “cheeseandonion”, and equally as memorable. Make your password at the very least eight people in size, that contains each letters and quantities, and the two higher and lessen-scenario letters. Ordinary text might be guessed by brute-drive cracking courses.

9. Strip scripts all the way down to the bare essentials. Up grade them frequently.

Programs like PHPNuke have many capabilities from the default install. They allow site owners and consumers lots of Charge of Internet site articles. This creates vulnerabilities. A ‘Nuke internet site of mine was hacked all through Xmas 2005, by an Arabian team. Fortunately, I'd a backup. I didn’t have quickly internet access, at some time, to up grade it. I only desired a person module Functioning, so I eliminated the inessential kinds, and adjusted file permissions about the admin part. At enough time of crafting, I’m waiting to determine what comes about next!

In case you don’t really require it, flip it off.

10. Be cautious Anything you say about other people or items on your internet site.

Not really stability, but… people are quite Sensitive about criticism. ‘Flame wars’ really are a waste ig演算法 of your time and Vitality, so avoid them.